Concertos (Viola and double bass)

1. Concerto for two horns and orchestra, in E flat / Rosetti ; Concerto for double bass, viola and orchestra, in D / Dittersdorf. — [England] : Haydn Society, [1959?] 2. Concerto in B-flat major, for harpsichord and orchestra ; Concerto in E minor, for flute and orchestra ; Sinfonia concertante in D major, for contrabass, viola and orchestra / Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf. — New York : Westminster, [1964?] 3. Concerto in G major for violin and orchestra ; Concerto in D major for double bass and orchestra ; Sinfonia concertante for viola, double bass and orchestra / Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf. — Prague : Panton, p1993. 4. Karl Ditters Von Dittersdorf. — Czech Republic : Supraphon, p1993.
5. Konzert für Kontrabass und Orchester E-dur ; Sinfonia concertante für Kontrabass, Viola und Orchester D-dur ; Konzert für Harfe und Orchester A-dur / Karl Ditters Von Dittersdorf. — Münster : FSM/Vox, 1980. 6. Konzert in E-dur für Kontrabass u. Orchester ; Sinfonia concertante für Kontrabass u. Viola, Streichorchester, 2 Oboen u. 2 Horner ; Concerto für Violine mit Begleitung von Violinen, Viola und Bass / Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf. — Vienna : Amadeo, [1963?] 7. Sinfonia concertante in D, Kaiser 19 / Carl Stamitz. Sinfonia concertante in D major / C.D. von Dittersdorf. Sinfonia concertante in B flat, Hob. I/105 / Joseph Haydn. — [Belgium?] : Discover International, p1995. 8. Symphony concertante for double bass, viola and orchestra ; Concerto in F major for viola and orchestra ; Divertimento in D major for violin, viola and violoncello / Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf. — Cheshire, England : Campion Records, p1997.
9. Vanhal, Dittersdorf, Koussevitzky. — Sweden : Bluebell, p1996.