Desimpelaere, Erik, 1990-

Name: Erik Desimpelaere
Dates: 1990

Desimpelaere, D. Smile, 2018. (piano)
Reflections on a song, 2013: label (Erik Desimpelaere, piano) insert (born 1990; pianist and composer; earned his bachelor’s degree in piano at the Royal Brussels Conservatory of Music, where he is currently studying for his masters degree in piano; also pursuing a masters degree in composition at the Royal Antwerp Conservatory of Music)
Erik Desimpelaere WWW site, March 10, 2016: Biography (Erik Desimpelaere, composer-pianist; born June 28, 1990, Kortrijk; obtained a Master Diploma of Piano at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and a Master Diploma of Composition at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp; currently studies orchestral conducting at the Conservatory of Amsterdam; chief conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of Kortrijk since September 2015)