Hinton, Milt, 1910-2000

Name: Milt Hinton
Dates: 1910-2000

Young, D. The art of the bass, 1997. (double bass)
New Grove dict. of jazz: (Hinton, Milt(on John) (the Judge); b. June 23, 1910, Vicksburg, MS; double bass player)
Feather, L.G. Bio. enc. of jazz, 1999: (Hinton, Milt “Judge” (Milton); b. June 23, 1910, Vicksburg, MS; bass)
New York Times, Dec. 21, 2000: (Milt Hinton, 90, dean of jazz bassists; d. Dec. 19, 2000, Queens, N.Y.)
All about jazz WWW site, July 24, 2007: Jazz musician pseudonyms (pseud., Junior Hifitz; real name, Milt Hinton)