Patterson, Ben, 1934-2016

Name: Ben Patterson
Dates: 1934-2016

Patterson, B. Early works, p1999. (double bass)
Wikipedia, August 30, 2017: (Ben Patterson; Benjamin Patterson; born May 29, 1934, Pittsburgh; died June 25, 2016; American musician, artist, and one of the founders of the Fluxus movement)
ArtNews WWW site, August 30, 2017: (obituary published June 27, 2016: Ben Patterson; artist, composer, and double bassist who played with classical orchestras, helped found the Fluxus movement, took a nearly 20-year break from performance to live what he termed “ordinary life,” and returned to art-making as an assemblage artist; born Benjamin Patterson, 1934, in Pittsburgh; died Saturday [June 25, 2016] at his home in Wiesbaden, Germany)