Vayspapir, Roma, 1930-2019

Name: Roma Vayspapir
Dates: 1930-2019

Vayspapir, R. Meditation, p1998. (double bass)
International Society of Bassists, v. 10 #3 (1984), p. 9-10. Former principal of the Leningrad Symphony orch. (Photo). Left USSR in 1980; now principal with the Spokane Symp Orch. Bio.
Tri-City Herald Staff, April 29, 2019, 2019-11-10: Roma Mark Vayspapir, 89, of Kennewick, died April 25 in Kennewick. He was born in Polotsk, Belarus, and lived in Kennewick for seven years. He was a retired double bass player for the St. Petersburg Orchestra in Russia and the Spokane Symphony., 2019-11-10: Roma Vayspapir’s birthday is 02/02/1930 and is 89 years old.